Datasheet: Automatic Hardware

Automatic Hardware

Automatic Connectors


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Unions and automatic tensioners

Lesatel ® Strandjaw - Strandjoint - Wirejaw and Wirejoint Designed to support both ends of self supporting multi-pair drop wire that uses a solid galvanized steel messenger wire that is integrated into the jacket in a figure 8 configuration. Used to splice galvanized steel messenger mid-span of a service drop. Features Minimum holding strength is 90% RBS of wire specified.

Lesatel ® By utilizing updated scientific technology, our company has designed and produced power fittings, suspension insulator steel caps, flanges and casting iron, metal product, fasteners, rigging hardware, steel strappings, wire ropes, bolts, nuts, screw, washers, thread rods, turnbuckles, wire rop clips, wire rop thimbles
Automatic Hardware