Datasheet: Clamp Messenger / Figure 8 Type Cable

Clamp Messenger

Figure 8 Type Cable


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Anchoring Clamp for Figure 8 Type Cable

Lesatel ® Two moving wedges equipped with teeth slide inside a body secured to the ole bracket by means of a flexible bail. When the cable is tensioned, the teeth cut the messenger insulation to grip onto the messenger steel wires without damagin them. Shall the cable tension incidently increase, The pressure of the wedges onto the messenger will prevent the cable from slipping. Tensioning and vibration test have proved the perfomance of the clamps in this regard.
Lesatel ® Our dead end clamp messenger is suitable for ABC low voltage conductor and MV systems. It can resist up to 2000 lbs of service load.It allows neutral messenger between 2mm to 10,5mm and fulfill the requirements of the following standars and norms NF,IRAM, NIME, and ASTM G26. They can also be order as Dead End Kits which also includes dead end brackets, plastic ties and bolts.
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