Datasheet: Helical ADSS / OPGW


Dead-End Basic Configuration


Dead-End Preformed - Dead-End, Span 100 meters Basic Configuration - Go to product manual for more information

Basic components of the helical kit

Dead-End Preformed - Go to product manual for more information

On the right side find the data sheet of Tension / Suspensión Set ADSS / OPGW
Lesatel ® The ADSS fittings are applied on the terminal/dead-ends/cornering/high fall pole & tower for ADSS and OPGW. The double layer of rods transfer axial tensile forces and distribute radial compressive forces to the dead-end component ensuring the maximum holding strength without causing cable jacket damage of fiber attenuation. Its grip strength is over 95% of the cables RTS.
Helical Adss Opgw