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Stainless Steel Band

Stainless Buckles

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Stainless Steel Band Strapping features smooth and rounded edges to ensure safe handling, and intensify the edges, preventing the strap from being ripped, and the product is typically packaged in 100 feet (30.5 mtrs) coils, film wrapped and then in carton box or plastic dipenser.


Strapping application

Binding of electrical wire, cable, insulation piping, and fixing of articles on poles, connection of tube and flange, etc.

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Stainless steel bucklesare manufactured from high quality type 201, type 304, type 316 stainless steel, to match the stainless steel strip. Buckles are generally used for heavy duty banding or strapping.


Banding Tools>are designed and applied for the stainless steel banding, strapping, wing seals and buckles. Working as both a tightener and a cutter with easy handling.


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Lesatel ® We manufacture and supply stainless steel and other steel strapping, buckles and seals, plastic strapping, stainless steel cable ties, twine and tools. With a fully equipped engineering tool room, we maintain and manufacture production tooling.

Our products are of easy installation, high strength, anti-fatigue, less abrasion and splendid electronic conducting capability.



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