Lesatel S.A. is specially engaged in the development and production for Industrial: Energy, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Construction, Oil, among other industrial sectors.


The Lesatel production plant is equipped with helical wire-making machinery, aluminum Die-Cast . CNC lathes and machining processes, plant hot-dip galvanized. All these processes are automated to minimize human error and allowing faster production and adjusted to international quality standards.


The testing laboratory is equipped with traditional testing devices for testing mechanical and electrical. Laboratory tests and routine tests of the production is performed in accordance with international standards.


Manufacture of tension set and suspension set, helical wire: Includes dead-end clamps, suspension clamps, protective fittings, armor rods, splicing fittings and vibration fittings for overhead power lines and OPGW / ADSS / ACSR. Our products are of easy installation, high strength, anti-fatigue, less abrasion and splendid electronic conducting capability. Terminals, cable anchors, fastening systems, fasteners, screws, bolts, insulators, grounding systems, stainless steel band, CATV / TELCO / ENERGY fittings and accessories for aerial cables, cable clamps. With highly-qualified R&D and production teams, quality control procedures are strictly implemented in the whole process of design, production and testing. We are equipped with advanced tensile machines to guarantee the product quality.


We manufacture, wire mesh, hardware cloth, stainless steel wire mesh screen discs, wire cloth, stainless steel wire mesh, copper wire mesh, copper screen, welded wire meshes, RFI shielding, specialty insect screens, brass screens, screen wire, welded wire mesh fabric, wire screen and screen mesh, bronze screen, brass mesh, bronze mesh, micronic mesh, sintered wire mesh laminates, filter discs.


Lesatel is a leading Greenhouse manufacturer in world. We specialize not only in the construction and development of modern greenhouse engineering system, but also in the introduction and spread of modern agricultural technology. We have become a top brand in greenhouse industry with mature project management experience.